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5 Tips For Staying Ahead Of Holiday Season Stress

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Whether you’re ready for it or not, the holiday season is just around the corner.  For some people, this can be a time of overwhelm and stress.

Here are some practical tips that will help you cope, manage or even prevent stressful situations and the effects of stress on your well-being during this holiday season:

1. Exercise:  Go for a walk, a light run, do jumping jacks or push-ups.  Other ideas are home-based exercise programs, going to a gym, rock climbing or playing a favourite sport.  Whatever form of exercise you choose, it will certainly get you feeling better and it’s a great way to release stress.

2. Eat Good Wholesome Foods: More fruits and vegetables are a must in your diet.  They have nutrients, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that help support your body.  Smoothies, juicing and “green” shakes are easy ways of getting more fruits and vegitables in your diet. 

3. Get Complete With Any Disagreements: Relationships are a huge source of stress for many people, whether it is family, spouses, friends or co-workers.  Restoring a relationship with another person is many times just a conversation away.  Forgiveness is the key, not the blame-game.  Take time to have that overdue conversation.

4. Create Goals: This is a powerful way to take control of your life and create the life you want.  Goals give you a direction in life. You will bust through stressful situations faster when you know you are on a journey to creating the life of your dreams and vision.

5. Chiropractic Care: One of the many benefits of chiropractic care is a better ability to handle stress.  Stress activates the nervous system, gets you in a flight or fight response and increases stress hormones (cortisol and epinephrine). On an ongoing bases, this can be damaging to your body.  Chiropractic helps restore balance and harmony to the nervous system. If you are under chiropractic care, keep up your check-ups and adjustments.  If you are not under chiropractic care, this is a perfect time of year to get a chiropractic check-up.

Do a self-inventory.  How is stress affecting you right now? Where are the sources of stress? How can you apply these tips to make your life and your holiday season stress-free?


How To Prevent A ‘Heart Attack Grill’-Like Incident

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Did you hear? Fox News reported about a man who suffered a heart attack while dining at a popular Las Vegas restaurant and the restaurant is called Heart Attack Grill.

Irony, you call it? Coincidence? Or was it a series of choices that led to an impactful wake-up call for this man? Luckily the paramedics arrived in time to help this man and reports say he is alive.

More then likely this wasn’t due to a one-time meal at a high-calorie restaurant but due to a series of choices that culminated in a traumatic and life-threatening incident.

At our clinic, Back To Health Chiropractic Centre, we teach about choices at our wellness workshops and lectures. I tell our patients that the choices you make today in life will shape your future.  And if you want to live a life of your dreams and vision, the choices you make today absolutely matter.  So you owe it to yourself to make the right choices for your health and your well-being, not just for now but for the rest of your life.


Reactive or Proactive Health Choices?

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

In today’s fast paced society, sometimes it’s easy to lose track of your health and wellness goals. In some cases, some people don’t take their health seriously until something extreme occurs, like a heart attack or cancer. 

To be healthy and stay healthy you must be proactive versus reactive.  If you find yourself rushing to the doctor’s office or pharmacy once a symptom or pain appears, that’s being reactive. In most cases, by the time the symptom appears, the underlying problem has already been developing.

Taking the proactive approach to your health and wellness puts you in charge and empowers you to make the right choices for your health and wellness way ahead of time. 

When making those health choices, you must include these 5 fundamental pillars to great health: 

  1. Keeping your spine and nervous system optimized with chiropractic care.
  2. Exercise regularly. Minimum 3 times / week.
  3. Eat wholesome, natural, nutritious foods.
  4. Manage your stress and overwhelm.
  5. Create a vision for your life along with well-rounded goals.

These 5 pillars to great health form the foundation to the wellness model taught at Back To Health Chiropractic Centre.

You can read more about each pillar through the various articles on our website.

Choose wisely today. Your health, your happiness and your quality of life depends on it.

New Year Resolutions or New Year Goals?

Friday, January 7th, 2011

One will lead to disappointment … the other results, success, and happiness.

This is usually the time of year that most people start making new year resolutions for themselves. 

Although very popular, resolutions don’t work.  What happens with people who make new year resolutions?  By the time February comes around, most people who make resolutions stop or quit.  The strange thing is that the very next year, they will make the exact same resolution, and yet by the time that February comes around, they stop or quit again.  Does this sound familiar? It’s like a vicious cycle, year after year.  Which leads to one thing … disappointment.

Why don’t resolutions work?  Well, to start, they are usually declared without careful consideration and without the backing of a serious commitment. They are often unrealistic and they lack planning.  In fact, Webster’s Online Dictionary defines “resolution” as follows:

     “a decision to do something or to behave in a certain manner.”

And this is why resolutions don’t work.  Because at best, a resolution in only a “decision to do something” and nothing more.  There is no end in mind and no means to get to the end.

Goals, on the other hand, are way more powerful then resolutions.  In contrast, Webster’s Online Dictionary defines “goal” as follows: 

                       “the end toward which effort is directed.”

Instead of making resolutions this new year, set some powerful goals for yourself.  When setting goals, choose specific areas of your life that are important to you:  Health, Family, Work, Finances, Recreation, Spirituality. 

Make your goal Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound (S.M.A.R.T. Goals).  You must always set a timeline to when you want your goals achieved by. 

Also keep your goals positive, stated in the present tense, and always, always, WRITE THEM DOWN ON PAPER.  Carry that paper with you everywhere you go as a constant reminder of your goals.  You must plan accordingly and take all the necessary action steps. 

 Goals without action are dead.

Here are some examples of effective goal statements:

  1. “I am releasing 15 lbs in 90 days.”
  2. “I am eating whole, healthy, nutritious food 3 times a day.”
  3. “I am working out 3 times a week.”
  4. “I am walking every day for 30 minutes.”
  5. “I am running and completing a 10k race by May 15, 2011.”

 Always keep your goals WRITTEN.  It makes them concrete!

Your goals tend to materialize easily and effortlessly when you follow these simple steps.  However, nothing happens without ACTION.  Plan your action steps and follow-through.

 One more thing to keep in mind when working your goals …


Your commitment to your success is perhaps the single most important factor to seeing your goals materialize.  You must be 100% committed to yourself and to your goal.  The following quote says it best:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back.  Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans:  that the moment one definitely commits oneself, the providence moves too.  All sorts of things occur to help that would never otherwise have occurred.  A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all the manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed have come his way.” – Scottish mountaineer, William Hutchinson Murray

You see, the moment you commit yourself, your goal is certain to materialize.  Commit to your health, your well-being, your happiness, and your success.  And take action.  You must do something.  You must plan your work and work your plan.   

 “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it” – German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

 Make this year the best year ever for your self and your life.

Wishing you an abundant, healthy,  joyous and peaceful 2011.

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5 Pillars Of Great Health

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Many people today are overwhelmed, over stressed,  and overly tired.  Unfortunately, this can lead to sickness and illness.  Many people are simply sick and tired of being sick and tired with no direction toward a fully rewarding, happy and healthy life.

Being on the road back to health can be simple when you make the right choices for yourself.  If there is one thing to keep remembering, it’s this…

The choices you make today will determine your future.  I’ll discuss this more in upcoming posts.  Stay tuned.

For now, keep this in mind.  Make these 5 pillars your foundation to a great life and great health.

  1. Nervous system.  Keep it free of interference with chiropractic care.  See a chiropractor.
  2. Exercise. Just do it.
  3. Eating. Healthy intake equals healthy output.
  4. Manage the stress & overwhelm.
  5. Healthy vision & goal setting.

Yes it will take commitment.  Be commited to your life and well-being.

As you continue reading upcoming posts, you’ll get tips on each of these 5 pillars of health. 

Thank you for visiting  Back To Health Chiropractic Centre .  Our mission is to make the people of Maple and Vaughan the healthiest in Canada by providing chiropractic care along with health and wellness education.