Workplace Ergonomics, Health & Safety, Injury Prevention

Workplace Lectures Offered


1. Ergonomics 101 – The Essentials Of Work Injury Prevention

A FREE Corporate Health & Wellness Lecture. (45 minutes)

> Delivered to workers during lunch break or during company health & safety meetings.

> Workers will learn to take control of their health and wellness.

> Emphasis is on how to cope with daily stresses and how to reduce the effects of stress on the body.

> The imporance of posture and spinal health is discussed and the relationship to overall quality of health.

> Proper ergonomics of sitting, computer use, standing and lifting are discussed.

> How to prevent injury and repetitive strain at work.

FREE – This is done as a community service.  Our mission is to educate people in our community on prevention, health and wellness so they can make the best choices for an long, fulfilling quality of life.

Call (905) 303-1009 to schedule this workshop.  Dates & times are limited.

Here is what other human resource managers, office administrators, production supervisors and health & safety specialists said about this program …

“Dr. Walter was an excellent speaker who effectively engaged the audience
and delivered the content in a way that expressed benefits to employee’s
work life and personal life. His interactive style got everyone involved
and interested in the content.”
– Dahlia L., HR & Services Manager, Haremar Plastic Manufacturing Ltd.

“Dr. Walter Salubro’s presentation was very engaging, insightful and
appropriate for the audience and our work environment.  The physical
demonstrations, examples and use of visual aids greatly enhanced the
value of the session.”
– Maria V., Health & Safety Specialist, Toromont Cat

“Very knowledgeable and helpful… Discussion was based on everyday
needs at work here at Oldcastle”
– Ken P., Production Supervisor, Oldcastle Glass

“Good information. Very informative. Good handouts. Knowledgeable
Overall, employees responded well and were very happy with
– Anna F., Office Administrator, PMG Canada Co.

2. Power Stretching For The Worker

A 2- part specialized on-site training with workers. (45 minutes)

1.  A 30 minute lecture that teaches workers about consequences of back injury and repetitive strain injury and the importance of regular stretching.

2.  A 15  minute on-site training & demonstration, leading workers through a hands-on stretching routine.

> Pricing – Call (905) – 303-1009 for details.

Here is what other managers, supervisors and health & safety specialists said about this program …

“Your presentation was clear, and specific, and addressed our
requirements very well. I feel you were able to relate the content
to the specific work environment of our employees. The presentation
gave enough background information to get buy-in from the workers
on why stretching is important, and what are the key factors that
contribute to overexertion injuries.”
– Maria V., Health & Safety Specialist, Toromont Cat

“Dr. Walter Salubro did an excellent job on our Power Stretching 
Workshop.  He immediately connected with our folks, kept the
workshop light hearted and entertaining, and got our people to
participate in a way I never thought possible.  The stretching
exercises and information communicated were of great value to our
workforce.  I would encourage any company that is serious about
their employees health and wellness to consider one of these workshops.”
– Luca S., Supervisor, Toromont Cat