Neurosensory Integration Exercise Program

Whole Brain Learning

This is a patient specific neurosensory integration exercise program (whole brain learning) in combinaton with chiropractic care for children and patients with sensory integration / sensory processing problems.


Sensory Survey:

Does your child …

  • Dislike tags in clothing.
  • Avoid messy play (mud, finger paint, dough, clay, sand).
  • Dislike strong smells.
  • Speak in a loud voice.
  • Have trouble following a moving object or catching a ball.
  • Avoid or have difficulty with activities that require balance.
  • Have frequent outbursts or tantrums.
  • Confuse right from left.

Is your child …

  • A picky eater.
  • Distracted by noises.
  • Unable to sit still.
  • Easily frustrated.

If you have answered yes to one or more of the above your child may benefit from a chiropractic and neurosensory exam.

Call our office at (905) 303-1009 today to book an exam for your child.

Space for the Neurosensory Integration Exercise Program is limited. Each child is given a set of exercises specific to their needs and their exam findings.  These exercises are taught and monitored in our office and also done at home.  Progress is monitored weekly and exerices are advanced as the child shows improvement.

Call our office today for more information. (905) 303-1009.

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