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Back Pain In The Morning – This Is A Great Stretch to Help Relieve Lower Back Aches

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

When You Have A Back Pain In the Morning, This Easy Stretch May Help Give Relief – By Chiropractor in Vaughan

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Vaughan, ON – So, one of the questions I got asked for a stretch demonstration is this. This person says that they hurt their back eight months ago and right now during the day they feel 100 percent. So everything’s great during the day. It feels good. No back pains. Go to bed at night, wake up in the morning and feels bad again. So is there a stretch to help with that? Well, there is a couple of things I want to say before I show the stretch:

Number one, if you have had back pain for eight months and it’s persisting, and it is not 100 percent resolved, you do need to get that check professionally. Some testing needs to be done. Check your spine, maybe get x rays, MRI if necessary. So just consider that, if you’ve had chronic pain for eight months now and it hasn’t been resolved.
The other thing too is what’s your sleeping position like? Are you sleeping on your back, on your side, on your stomach? So if you’re on your back or on your side that is what I recommend. On your stomach, I don’t. If you have a situation where you wake up in the morning with backache, but you felt fine going to bed at night, then what I recommend is a couple of things.

Number one, lying flat on your back and put a pillow under your knees and a number two, if you’re a side sleeper, you sleep on your side, then put a pillow between your knees.

If you go on my youtube channel,, I have a video that shows sleeping positions for people that have back pain or leg pain. So check that out.
Now, here’s a good stretch for you to do in the morning if you wake up with a sore back from my sleeping throughout the night.
So in the morning before you actually get out of bed, you’re on your bed, lie flat on your back, and you going to do what’s called the knee-to-chest stretches. They really help stretch the lower back area and provide some relief before you get up off your bed.

And then I’ll show you a proper way to actually get off your bed so you prevent further injury to your back. Check this out. You’re on your bed, you’re lying down, and before you get up grab your knee, pull to your body and you have a hold for 10 seconds. Pull upward, hold 10 seconds, repeat that three times. Do the opposite side, hold 10 seconds, repeat that three times, and then do doubles for 10 seconds, repeat three times. And then when you get off your bed, go to your side with both feet together, feet down, hands on your bed, and you push yourself off like that. So you come up in a nice neutral position and stand.

Easy, easy stretch you can do in the morning if you have an achy back when you wake up in the morning. Just stretch it the way I showed you and get up without aggravating your back.

Also remember to check the part of the video where I explained some sleeping postures and positions and how to use pillows to support your back while you’re sleeping at nighttime and have your back more relaxed and less tense. You can also put a heating pad on your lower back before you go to bed for about 10 minutes because that will warm up your muscles, relax them, and allow them to rest at nighttime. Hope you found that useful. I’ll catch you in the next video.

3 Best Sciatica Stretches for Ultimate Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

Chiropractor in Vaughan Shares Do-It-Yourself Ways to Relieve Pain from Sciatica

Vaughan, ONLeg pain. Sciatica. Sciatic nerve pain.

If you suffer from leg pain or sciatic nerve pain, pay attention to this video, I’m going to give some tips on how to relieve pain from sciatica or leg pain.

My name is Dr. Walter Salubro from Back to Health Chiropractic Centre, Chiropractor in Vaughan, and the author of Back to Health by Choice: How to Relieve Pain, Conquer Stress & Supercharge Your Health the Chiropractic Way.

So where does the sciatic nerve come from?

sciatica pain relief stretches chiropractor in vaughan Dr Walter Salubro 1Well, here’s a model of the low back, the lumbar spine, and the spinal cord sits on the inside of the spinal canal. And, interesting enough, in the low back, the actual spinal cord stops right about here, about L1, L2, and then continues on as a bunch of nerves, and these nerves come off from the sides.

These are the lumbar spinal nerves and then it also goes down to the sacral region. These are the sacral nerves. The lower lumbar, low back nerves, and the sacral nerves form a big nerve called the sciatica, which emerges out of the muscles of the buttock area, goes down at the back of the leg, into the calf, all the way down to the foot.

So here’s a spinal nerve chart to demonstrate that. Here’s the lumbar spine. You see all the nerves that branch off from the lumbar spine and also the sacral region fit into the big sciatic nerve. No wonder it’s so painful when it’s irritated or inflamed because this big nerve has a lot of nerve endings—very, very painful when it’s irritated and the nerve travels down to the back of the leg, to the thigh, branches out  all the way into the foot. So leg pain can be thigh pain in the back of the thigh, behind the knee, or also in the calf, and also in the foot. Sometimes it causes tingling sensation, numbing, also shooting pain down the leg or dull, aching, pain.

sciatica pain relief stretches chiropractor in vaughan Dr Walter Salubro 6So what I want to do today is give you some tips on how to stretch out the region of the low back and gluteal areas that could irritate and inflame sciatic nerve causing leg pain and sciatic nerve pain. And, by doing these stretches, it will give you some very, very effective relief in that area. So follow me and let’s go to these stretches.

Alright. Here we go.

sciatica pain relief stretches chiropractor in vaughan Dr Walter Salubro 2Let’s start with stretch number 1. This is called the knee to chest stretch. Bend one knee. Hold it with your hands towards your chest. Hold that for 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times. With all these stretches, you want to hold it for 10 seconds and repeat it 3 times. Do the same to the opposite side. You get a nice stretch in the gluteal region and in the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve, which can trigger sciatic nerve pain when inflamed or spasmed. Also a good stretch for the low back as well.

sciatica pain relief stretches chiropractor in vaughan Dr Walter Salubro 3A variation of this stretch is a double knee to chest stretch. Take both hands, pull the knees towards your stretch. Get a very good stretch in the lower back region where the sciatic nerve originates from and also in the gluteal region where the sciatic nerve is as well. Very, very good stretch to relieve back pain and leg pain.

sciatica pain relief stretches chiropractor in vaughan Dr Walter Salubro 4Stretch number 2 is called an angled knee to chest stretch just like here that you see. Take your knee, pull it towards your chest just like before but you are going to angle it to the opposite shoulder, get a nice stretch in that hip on the lateral side in the gluteal region where the sciatic nerve comes out. Very, very effective.

Now if you have pain with any of these stretches, you need to ease up a bit. Never stretch into any pain range.

sciatica pain relief stretches chiropractor in vaughan Dr Walter Salubro 5Stretch number 3 is very, very effective for sciatic nerve. It’s called the piriformis muscle stretch. Take one leg, put it in a figure four position. Pull your hands through your thighs. Pull the thighs to you as you’re stretching the opposite side of where your hands are—a great stretch for the piriformis muscle, which is a trigger for sciatic nerve when it’s spasmed.

There you have it. There’s some very effective, easy to do stretches to give you relief for sciatica or leg pain. Give them a try. They’re very, very effective.

If you found this content and these tips useful, click that link button below, share this video with a friend or family member that you know has leg pain or sciatic pain. And also, if you have a question, leave it in the comments below because I love to answer questions right here

Thank you for watching. Again, this is Dr. Walter Salubro. Looking forward to seeing you on the next video.


Dr. Walter Salubro_1Dr. Walter Salubro is a family wellness chiropractor, the owner of Back To Health Chiropractic Centre in Maple, Ontario, and the author of Back to Health by Choice. He grew up in Toronto, Ontario, and moved to Vaughan, Ontario, with his family at the age of fifteen.

Dr. Salubro graduated from York University in 1996 and from the National College of Chiropractic in 1999. He has been practicing chiropractic and serving his community of Maple and Vaughan for over fifteen years.

Dr. Salubro provides chiropractic care to people of all age groups.  He is trained in applying specific chiropractic techniques Back to Health by Choicethat are just as suitable for children as they are for adults. In addition to offering specific spinal adjustments and posture corrective techniques, Dr. Salubro offers an extensive lineup of health seminars, exercise classes, and a run/walk club to his patients. Dr. Salubro is an avid runner, having completed multiple marathons and half marathons.

Dr. Walter Salubro is dedicated to providing exceptional chiropractic care for all his patients. He caters to the care of infants and pregnant mothers. Dr. Salubro is certified from the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice and the Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics (CACCP).  Dr. Walter Salubro is Webster Technique Certified, which is certified and recognized by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

3 Step Stretching Plan

Monday, February 17th, 2014

How To Relieve Stress And Tension In Your Back, Neck And Shoulders. New eBook Reveals How.

3 Step Stretching Plan - eBook Cover

Does it ever feel you are carrying a ‘load of bricks’ on your shoulders because of muscle tension and tightness? Do you have tightness in your neck or lower back?

Daily stresses can often lead to aches, pains and muscles tension.  One of the most effective ways to get immediate relief of muscle tightness and tension is by stretching.

In his new eBook, 3 Step Stretching Plan, Dr. Walter Salubro shows you how to get rid of the pent-up stress and tension in your neck, back and shoulders with simple, easy-t0-do stretching.

In the 3 Step Stretching Plan, you also get 4 full-coloured stretching posters with 21 stretches that shows you how to stretch out the most commonly tight muscles.

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